How much money do companies makes off Medicaid?

How much money do companies makes off Medicaid?

More than half of all U.S. Medicaid recipients receive their health care from managed-care organizations - private insurance companies that contract with state governments. During the past decade, Medicaid managed care has grown exponentially, and now more than 40 states have moved at least part of their Medicaid population into managed-care plans.

Here's a look at how the companies awarded contracts by the state of Iowa have grown since 2003. To read more, click here.

Medicaid members:

* Each icon equals 50,000 people

* Each icon equals 100,000 people

Premium revenue:

* Each icon equals $50,000,000

* Each icon equals $100,000,000

States operated in:

Data was compiled by going through SEC filings using the Rank And Filed website and Wellcare earnings releases. Our findings are available here. The person icon was created by Alexander Smith. The dollar icon was created by Creative Stall. Both were downloaded from the Noun Project website.