Happy Birthday Mom!

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Happy Birthday Mom!
Happy Birthday Mom!

She may be 75,
this mother of ours,
Don't her eyes still twinkle,
just like the stars?

She might be your "Aunt Karen,"
your sister, your friend.
We all know when we seek her,
she will have love to lend.

On this incredible journey
of our Karen Sue,
it's safe to say
she's milked a cow or two.
Farrowed a house
with pens of seven or eight,
before running inside
and filling five plates.

Life changed her vocation,
but never her heart.
With a home and gardens
reflecting her internal art.
A poet, a wordsmith,
an artist with food.
A painter, land sculptor,
a lifter of moods.

Raised in the glow
of her twinkle,
What a beautiful place!
Still there when we need it
as we run our own race.

Thanks Mom, from your kids,
and Grouchy Gare too,
For all the thankless jobs
we all watched you do.
Thanks mostly for the love,
with a perpetual spout,
and for being our first glimpse of light,
that has never burned out!