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I came from Delhi, India.
I live in Iowa now.
I love TV and shopping malls.
I love the yummy chow.

I have a little problem still,
though living here is great.
I've tried to learn the holidays,
but cannot keep them straight.

Last year on Independence Day,
I joined the celebration.
I gave my kids their colored eggs,
in tribute to our nation.

So then there came this Labor Day.
The country took a rest.
I gave my neighbors candy hearts,
and wished them all the best.

Thanksgiving Day was chilly,
but we made a happy scene.
We sang a lot of Irish songs
and dressed in emerald green.

There came a storm on Christmas Day,
especially ice and sleet.
We kept the joyous spirit
as we went for trick or treat.

I messed up all the holidays,
and missed them, day and night.
Tomorrow comes another one.
I know I'll get it right.

On the first of January,
they put on quite a show.
I think they call it Halloween.
To all a HO, HO, HO!