Man?s Best Friend isn?t always a dog

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Man?s Best Friend isn?t always a dog
Man's Best Friend isn't always a dog

My husband, Bob, was on the critical heart patient list, waiting for a heart transplant. His days had become long and lonely while he waited for that "special phone call" to say they had a heart for his weakened body.
It was late summer and he had been on the list waiting for almost a year. One night as we sat watching a story on television we heard a strange crying noise coming from outside. I went out to our front porch to see what was making the noise and it mysteriously stopped. Not finding anything I settled back on the couch with Bob. It was getting to be close to bedtime and as I went to turn our lights off the sound started up again but became an intense crying; sounding just like a baby's cry. Thinking someone had left a baby on our doorstep I frantically went outside with a flashlight. Thankfully I didn't find a baby but a cat in my front flower bed by our bird bath crying. Feeling it had probably lost its way I thought a bowl of water for the night would hold him over till morning when he could start his search for his home.
Waking in the morning, I saw the water bowl empty and no cat so I assumed he was gone. As I picked up the water bowl and headed for the front door the crying came again and before I could look around; there he was, right at my feet. Brushing up against my legs and crying and purring, all at the same time. What a heartbreaker.
We checked all the veterinarians in town, the newspaper, and the local area for fliers about a missing cat. We moved him inside and said we would watch for any lost cat notices but as the days passed we knew he was now ours. Max (my husband named him Max-A-Million, for one in a million) became my husband's best friend. He would situate himself in Bob's lap on the couch and purr up a storm. The days seemed to go faster for Bob and he was not so lonely anymore. Three months later Bob received his much-awaited phone call and became a heart transplant recipient. His days in the hospital were spent asking me about Max and how he was doing. When I would go home at night, Max would rub up against me purring, looking up into my face like he was asking me how Bob was doing. What a pair. When Bob came home the reunion was a tear jerker. Max jumped into Bob's lap and there he stayed until Bob was back on his feet and mobile again.
We feel God knew Bob needed a companion to carry him through the long days of waiting and sent Max to us. Gratefully, he was with us for 13 years and taught his little sister, Ebbie, another stray, the ropes of the Carson household. We lost Max to kidney disease but his memory will always hold a special spot in our hearts; for Max was indeed, Man's Best Friend for this man, no doubt about it.
Heart Transplant Anniversary of 21 years; Nov. 16, 2020. Thanks to organ donors generosity.