Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Wishing you were here today
for even just a while,
So, we could say "Happy Birthday"
and see your beautiful smile.

Even though your smile is gone forever
and your hands we cannot touch,
We still have many memories
of you that we loved so much.

We hear your voice so many times
and feel as though you're here,
Thank you, Mom, for everything
for all those cherished years.

You taught us kids to follow our dreams
and work hard to achieve our goals,
If someone treats you unfairly
"kill them with kindness," you said, it helps relieve the soul.

Mom, don't worry how we're doing
all of us are fine,
Dad tries to keep in contact
and calls us all the time.

Happy Halloween Birthday Mom!
Kimmy, Kip, Kenny and Kris