100 Years Young

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100 Years Young
100 Years Young

Congratulations and happy birthday to a wonderful man and brave United States Veteran: Clarence Kadlec.
Clarence turned 100 on May 29. During World War II,
Clarence served as a tank commander and was assigned to E Troop of the 89th Calvary Reconnaissance Squadron, a group of the 9th Armored Division. E Troop, along with five other troops, did advance scouting missions providing crucial information for the 9th Armored Division's
movements and tactics. The 9th Armored Division was
important in the European ground war. Nicknamed the "Phantom Division," Germany never knew where or what they were up to. The reconnaissance squadrons deserve credit for Germany's uncertainty. Thanks for your service!

Now Clarence serves as Father of three, Grandfather of four, Great-Grandfather of six, and Great-Great-Grandfather of one. Prior to retirement, Clarence was a lifelong
carpenter. Clarence is a member of the Bible Baptist Church. He was an avid golfer, bowler and tennis player. During retirement, golfing with friends and family was his favorite activity. Activity is more limited at age 100. Taking his son for a walk on nice days is a favorite.

Happy 100th Birthday from the whole family. We wish
Helen, your wife, could have made it to 100 with you.

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