Peyton 60th Anniversary

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Peyton 60th Anniversary
Peyton 60th Anniversary

It all began a long time ago when
Tommy Peyton gave Charlotte Wright a little hug & teeny weeny kiss, at such young ages they took their vows May 21, 1960 at "The Little Brown Church In The Vale" with lots of dreams and a wish. Sixty years later, could they have ever imagined a family as big as this!!

Randy & Karen Peyton: Jamen, Rylan, Derek, Josh, Destiny
Rodney & Debbie Peyton
Victoria & Ken Meggers: Kristin &
Jeremy, Kaelea, Kohen, Kintzee, Kinadee, Brooke & Joe, Oliver, Winnie, June, Treyton, Lindsey & Justin, Aspen, Taylor, Anias
Russell & Rochelle Peyton: Trent, Colton, Tristin (deceased), Kilee Jo,
Samantha, Heather
Ron Peyton: Miranda, Dillon, Taylor, Nick & Kristin, Vincent

Mom & Dad, Thank you for staying strong & choosing to stay together, Thank you for always being there for all of us!! We love you.
Please help them celebrate by sending a card to 2929 Stewart Ave.,
Winthrop, IA 50682.