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On this happy Mother's Day
with all its family joys,
I think of three strong mothers
who produced three famous boys.

The kids were born to privilege.
Important, free of debt.
But still they never had the moms
most other children get.

The mothers three were caring,
but let me make it clear,
that one was very distant,
the others very near.

Her name was Jennie Churchill,
so feminine and fair.
She served as Winston's mentor,
but the closeness wasn't there.

I think of Sara Roosevelt.
With stern, controlling skill,
she tried to run her Franklin's life,
and bend him to her will.

I've known for years of Pinky.
MacArthur was her name.
Advancing Douglas up the ranks
was Pinky's social game.

The boys all soared to greatness,
their contributions large,
but in the lives before their wives
their mothers were in charge.

I also have a mother.
Unlike the other three,
she's never been controlling,
or a social absentee.

She raised me to adulthood,
with her guiding, gentle zest.
She wasn't always perfect,
but she always did her best.

And so the famous Mummy's boys
in history had their day.
They had their mothers, I have Mom.
I'm luckier than they.

— Steven Bristow