Happy 24th Anniversary

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Happy 24th Anniversary
Happy 24th Anniversary

Our time together just keeps getting better. It doesn't seem to matter what we or the world is going through, because with the peace of God and the love we share, everything seems okay or even better if can spend more time together. Congrats on the new job! It's
awesome that you are not afraid to take on new
adventures — like the new project of easing out of "Yes" mode. We have plenty of projects to focus on, new grandbabies coming, house, boht, gardens and us. It's fun working on our hobbies together and bouncing ideas around on how to do things — even if it means you taking over the basement. It's fun for me to support what makes you happy — you deserve it.
Trying to live life on purpose lets us focus on the things that are truly important in life and a few goofy things that are fun. Your ability to see what people need is really being handed down to our kids and it makes me proud to see that quality transfer from you to them. They will still have to battle the "squirrel" trait from me. I have realized that I will always need you to be a better me. Together until our change of
address calls us home.

I love you,
Student of da wife