Kim Polton Benefit

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Kim Polton Benefit
Kim Polton Benefit

There are not enough words to express the
gratitude Tim and I have for such a wonderful job you all have done. The details that were put into it were over the top! The uniqueness and creativity from all my friends and family was amazing!

To all the people who donated, thank you! Your generosity was so greatly appreciated! To the pellet grill, big screen TV, can boxes, bag boards, T-shirts, food and everything
inbetween, I will forever be grateful!

To all of the bakers, my hats off to you! What a huge success, thanks to all of you!

To Dostals Catering and Culver's of Coralville, and to all who helped serve the wonderful food, thank you!!

I want to personally thank everyone who
helped, and if I missed one of you, you have my
apologies. The day was amazing for me, it warmed my heart to see all of the people who reached out! My gratitude to all of you is eternal — a huge thank-you to: Connie and Dirk, Barb C, Leah, Amanda and Bronson, Dave and Kelly (great job on the turkeys!), Wendy, Carla, Julie, Ali, Haley, Courtney, Jo S, Mary, Kris and Jamille, Tina, Barb S, Kathy, Sondra, Melissa, Sue, Michelle, Mark and Leslie, Jeffalee, Laura W, Terry, Katie, Candi and Jim, Shawn and Laura M, Diane, Jody B, Kelly, Holly, Vicki and Jimmy, Tammy G, Jessica, Ariel, Stacy,
Grandma and Grandpa G!

Thanks to my Army, aka TEAM KIM, and all my family and friends!!