Happy 23rd Stuck with me Anniversary!

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Happy 23rd Stuck with me Anniversary!
Happy 23rd Stuck with me Anniversary!

Another year full of adventure as we walk our path of life together. The risks and the rewards, hard work and leisure (when?), late nights and a day to sleep in are part of what makes life with you so much fun. When you say, "you are so stuck with me" I can't imagine it any other way! I am still amazed how you make a
difference in others when I see the people around you and on your teams, take on a selflessness that can
only be taught by seeing your actions and hearing your kind words. When your passion for fighting human
trafficking takes the place of the fun things you would like to be doing, the eight hours you travel to help a friend in need and bring comfort and support as only you can do. You bring a smile and hope when things are looking down for many people. You pour yourself
into a cause or friends with all you have and make a
difference that I have no doubt brings a proud smile to God as He watches you give and sacrifice for others. It's fun working next to you even when we are getting grimier than people are supposed to get. You trade makeup for dirt on your face and sport a pair of work gloves and clothes that soon become unrecognizable while trying to make something better or cleaner, and you still manage to rock that look with beauty.

I love you more with every passing year.
Student of da wife