Grace and Kent Meyer Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary!

Grace and Kent Meyer Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary!
Dec. 28, 1968 to 2018

Happy 50th Anniversary to our Mom and Dad, Grace and Kent Meyer.

You have worked so hard all your lives to make an enjoyable life for yourselves, your three kids and now two grandkids. You've remained committed to each other, to your marriage, and to your family for these many years through times of joy, sorrow, challenge and accomplishment.

From your early days at Collins Radio where you met, to figuring out finances and living as a married couple and parents, to driving hot cars down First Avenue and family wagons out in the country, to working many jobs to provide for your family, to gathering many friends and having the support of family, to raising successful and self-reliant kids, to now watching your grandkids succeed in school and life, to being active church and community members with your hobbies and talents, you are now enjoying the fruits of your 50 years of marriage.

You've honored God and He has blessed you and your family, and will for many more years to come. We love you and couldn't be more proud of you and happy for you!