Curtis and Joan Kuehl - Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary

Curtis and Joan Kuehl - Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary
Curtis and Joan Kuehl — Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations Dad and Mom on 60 years of marriage. As former owners of the Northside Tap in Mount Vernon, IA and longtime employees of Rockwell International, please join me in wishing them continued blessings.
Sometimes children have a hard time saying thank you. I don't feel that way or have that problem — I have so much to be grateful for. You both set such a wonderful example for me to follow. Family was an important part of my youth, our family celebrations, vacations and fun times on the Mississippi and the Cedar. We had lots of fun just being at home also, having family dinners and watching TV.
Dad, you taught me so much — how to mow the lawn, tie the boat, fold a flag and a zillion things in between. Your examples of discipline and work ethic continue to influence me every day.
Mom, you taught me how to become a woman. Every day I'm thankful for the way you had me take care of myself, taught me to cook, clean and love my family. I aspire every day to be the woman you are and be the love for my family that you are to ours.
I find myself in the somewhat unusual position of being an only child and not having any natural children but blessed with a stepson. Our family is small and they and your friends have distance between us. As a result, it is hard for me to do justice in honoring both of you, so I hope these words let you know how much I celebrate you and your commitment to one another and our family. I'm forever thankful for the support and encouragement I have had from you.
I also want to celebrate your commitment to each other. This is an example to me and to those that know both of you. There are not a lot of people who reach this pinnacle in life. Your commitment and the promise you made to one another on Dec. 26, 1958 continues to this day and demonstrates how important it is to honor our words.
I struggle with finding the words to express how much I appreciate, admire and strive to live my life as honorably as each of you do together and as
Thank you for all you have done in my life. I love you so very much and I hope the years will continue to bless our family.
Please join me in wishing my parents, Curtis and Joan Kuehl, a very Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary. Good wishes can be sent to
12815 Naples Lane, Stafford, TX 77477. May God continue to bless all.