Thank Yous

Thank You

Thank You

My husband, great-grandson and I want to thank everyone who stopped and helped after our car accident Sept. 18 on County Home Road just outside of Shellsburg. If it weren't for the help of these wonderful caring people, our outcome may not have been as promising.

Josh, the traveling nurse from Kentucky, had the presence of mind to make a tourniquet out of a belt and put it on my husband's arm to stop the bleeding. The woman who took me into her car and the woman who got my great-grandson out of his car seat and brought him to me. We also want to thank all of the nurses, paramedics, emergency room, ICU, rehab staff and physicians at St. Luke's Hospital and so many others. Thank you!

I also want to extend well-wishes to the two
gentlemen in the other vehicle, we are so happy to hear that they are doing well.

Rawson, Barb Behel and Charlie