In Remembrance

A Tribute to Jerry Ziese

A Tribute to
Jerry Ziese

You know that horrible sound in someone's voice … I've lost my only brother.

I've ached for a brother, all of my life. I ached for my son to have a brother so he would not feel the same way. Well, he swooped me up the day we met, as if to say, "I'm here and I ain't not going
nowhere." AND, he was a Texan! Yet … he never bragged about it??? I had a brother, emotionally,

Has God EVER made a kinder, more generous, more joyful, more loving man? A man of gentleness and modest wisdom. He damn near glowed.

He LIKED so many people, even my sister. He always saw the good and built on it. He even spoke well of (us) Republicans, well, maybe not Trump, but he is no Republican.

Was he ever angry at anyone? GEEEEZE he would say, and that was it. Even that was ALWAYS with a laugh.

He was most certainly a state, if not national treasure. Ahhhh, what didn't he give to Cedar Rapids. He was a one man City Service Department. How many boards and charities did he sit for? Not to mention Nancy…

You couldn't like Jerry … you had to love him. He was ALL HEART, to the very bone, and beyond. To his soul!

I am one year and a week older than Jerry, but he was prematurely grey way before it was
fashionable. When GG was still a babe-in-arms I visited them in Sioux City. I was carrying GG as we walked through the mall where his store was. A lady who obviously knew Jerry, walked up to him and had made some comment that I could not hear. Nancy starts laughing quietly (she never did quietly). I asked Nancy what's going on and Nancy said that the woman had complimented Jerry on his
beautiful new granddaughter, which, implied that I was either his son, or son-in-law. He took it
surprisingly well …

We have been waiting for this shoe to drop. He never seemed to be the type to live on alone. I so hate that he is gone. I hate it for me, I hate it for GG!!! I really, REALLY hate it for his grandson Deegan! I hate it for the world. This is an absolutely heartbreaking and unrecoverable event. It is
implicit that he passed early on 9/11. It brings to mind the tens of thousands of people who lost their Jerry on that fateful date in '01.

When Roosevelt died Nancy asked our parents … "Who is going be President Roosevelt now?" For her President and Roosevelt were one. He was the only president she had ever known. Brother, my only brother, we miss you so … WHO WILL BE JERRY NOW? There is another hole in the world today.