In Remembrance

Shane M. Lamphier

Shane M. Lamphier
5/17/1974 – 8/9/1996

Nature's Song of Love

When a warm gentle rain falls from the clouds, let the raindrops touch your face. It's a shower of kisses from someone you love.

As the wind blows softly, listen as it whispers, I love you. You have heard those words from someone you love.

Feel the warmth of the sun wrapping its arms around you, it's a hug from heaven sent by someone you love.

As you gaze at the stars shining brightly on a background of darkness, remember the road you traveled with someone you love. For each star is a memory in the lifetime you shared.

Appreciate the beauty of the sunsets and with them may you find peace. They have been
painted especially for you.

Whenever you hold hands with nature, there is a presence you'll feel, it's as if someone you love is traveling with you still.

— Written by Carole A. Lamphier 1999

It has been 22 years, two months and
22 days since you left. You took a piece
of our hearts with you and left behind
a piece of yours.
We are forever grateful for the life we shared and understand our hearts are forever
connected by love.

Your family