Thomas Robert Malatek

Thomas Robert Malatek
Thomas Robert Malatek

It is hard to know where to begin to say thank you to the many, many friends and family who were here for us over the past months to year. I can't begin to list everyone for fear of omitting someone. You know who are are and you will never be forgotten. The love and support we
experienced was truly phenomenal and I
continue to feel that since Tom's death,
most recently through the benefit held at
Odie's in Ely.
Matt Linn at Brosh Chapel and the Celebration Barn are class acts. Also the Solon Legion, the Ely Fire Department and the Cedar Rapids Fire Department. We couldn't have asked for a
better, more respectful sendoff for Tom with
all the local fire departments there to take him home.
He left a lasting impression and our lives will never be the same. The number of people at the visitation and funeral were a testament to that.
Again, please know how much we love you all and sincerely thank you for everything.
Patricia (Pat) Malatek, Theresa and Matt,
Megan and Alex Mineart, and family