Heading the Right way on a Narrow Path

Happy 22nd Anniversary!

In life there are times when you need to stop and evaluate if you're on the right path & going in the right direction. Is there quality time spent with each other, are we enjoying the little things or are we stretched too thin? You don't want to hit 70 and wonder where the time went - that will happen soon enough. Are we getting away to do those fun things that we always wanted to do or make the time to stop and try a new adventure? The last thing I ever want to face is the reality that there will be no more time or the bodies are too weak to do the things we always talked & dreamed about
doing. God brought us together to serve Him, Love each other and be an example for His
glory. You have a strong individual spirit with great passion to help others. Many people now know a love that they've never known or even knew existed because of you. What you don't realize is the mark you leave wherever you go or the aliases that are now part of you. At work – "office Mom", Wisconsin – "Grandma full of frosting", Guatemala – "Blond Hair", waitress, friend, teacher, mom and all around "Hot
Stuff", they're all a compliment to you and the way you care. We've been given each other and I don't want to waste a minute or miss a time when I can love you even more.
Love, DeanK