In Remembrance

Shellie's Birthday

Shellie's Birthday Those who knew Shellie (Stusak) Dochterman experienced a rich, laughter-filled, and caring world. Unfortunately, she was taken from all of us 10 years ago this last August. She left behind at the time of her tragic accident four wonderful kids, who ranged from 14 years old down to 2 1/2 years old. Due to her kids being so young, they didn't get to fully see how amazing she was, and how her smile and caring heart touched so many in our community. Shellie had that personality you see so seldomly — she remembered your name, your husband and kids. Shellie always stopped to catch up and wasn't in a hurry when she saw you. She took the time to make everyone feel amazing that she cared, and she showed this every day of her short life. As we, her family, joined to celebrate this brilliant star on Dec. 28, we would like to ask that you, her friends, take a moment, like Shellie did for you all so often, and drop a card in the mail to her kids with a memory or something funny that she said or did. That special memory that reminds you of how great she was. We want to make this birthday special for Connor, Landon, Griffin, and Piper. Please send Shellie's birthday cards to: The Dochterman Kids 6800 Michael Rd. Palo, IA 52324