Job Well Done


Retirement Dear Patients of Dental Health Partners, After 50 years of practice in Cedar Rapids, it is time to let others carry on the great tradition of our office. It has been a great time to be in dentistry. I have enjoyed all the advances that have come about in this great profession. When I started, Dr. Read and I were one of the few offices to provide root canal treatment, and now we have two specialty offices providing treatment. Early in my career, bonding procedures were developed, allowing us to obtain wonderful aesthetic results. When Paula joined the practice, implant placements were just starting. Today they are routine procedures that provide a great service. Over the years, we added computer records, digital X-rays, in-office crowns, laser treatments and so much more. The move to the new office was the crowning event, and made it hard for me to leave. I know you will be well cared for; many of you already have had treatment by Drs. Paula, Peter, Lance, and the rest of the fabulous staff we have assembled. Thanks so much for your confidence in me, for all these years. Please join us for a good-bye celebration on Nov. 30 from 4 - 7 p.m. at the DHP office, 4332 Center Point Rd. NE. Dr. Dennis J. Kral