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Happy 17th Birthday Detrick Vondracek! 11/7/17

Happy 17th Birthday
Detrick Vondracek!

It doesn't seem possible that you are turning 17! I know you have dealt with a lot of adversity this year with me, your Grandpa and all of your health issues you have had during this football season.
Adversity builds character and adversity makes you STRONGER!! YOU NEVER EVER give up! You have soo much to look forward to. I admire your strength, your kind and caring heart, and your
willingness to always help others. Keep working hard and good things will come your way! You are the BEST son a mother could ever have! Thanks for being my rock this year and thanks for being you! I love you more than words can express!!

Enjoy your day! Have fun! I love you with all my heart!! Don't you ever forget that!