Todd Kucera 12/23/76 - 11/6/16

Todd Kucera 12/23/76 - 11/6/16
Todd Kucera
12/23/76 - 11/6/16

It's been one year since you were taken from us. They say there is a reason and that time will heal, but neither time nor reason will change the way we feel. No one knows the heartache that lies
behind our smiles, or the many times we have
broken down and cried. We want to tell you
something that everyone who knew you would agree with — there is no doubt that you were loved and wonderful to think about, but so hard to be without. When it's foggy, we know you are
riding your bike on dusty trails. When the snow flies, it's kisses on our cheeks. When the sun shines, you are running down the street. We love you and miss you so much … love you to the
moon and back.

Dad, Mom
Molly, Emily, Ella
JD, Kristin, Reed, Paige