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Workplace (R)evolution is now part of Iowa Ideas

Workplace culture track added to September conference

Apr 24, 2017 at 8:00 am
    Iowa City, IA, June 9, 2015. (Justin Torner/For Workplace (R)evolution)

    The workplace culture conference Workplace (R)evolution will join The Gazette’s Iowa Ideas Conference 2017.

    Culture has been the focal point of Workplace (R)evolution since it was created in 2014. Hundreds have gathered to hear about the best and most challenging culture-based companies while learning to build an inclusive, productive environment at their own companies.

    Organizers saw a significant alignment between the (R)evolution atmosphere, designed to encourage innovative ideas, absorb new information and apply new knowledge back at the office, and discussions held during Iowa Ideas workforce symposium sessions to date.


    Workplace (R)evolution will be featured as one of eight tracks offered at the Iowa Ideas September conference, September 20-22, with the theme “Building the Business Case for Purpose.” The schedule will offer panel perspectives alongside high-impact speakers, including featured keynote and author Dr. Bob Wright of The Wright Foundation. Dr. Bob Wright is a highly successful entrepreneur, university co-founder and professor, world-class executive coach, and dynamic corporate consultant.


    Why Workplace (R)evolution?

    The competition to retain exceptional employees is fierce. No longer just about the paycheck, individuals have the freedom to choose where and for how long they will apply their strengths and skills.

    These workers have options and they want answers:

    — Will this company make me comfortable and confident?

    — Can I grow in this environment?

    — Will I be challenged without running the risk of being overwhelmed?

    At the local level, Iowa’s Creative Corridor has a limited amount of qualified talent to meet employer demands. Workplace culture has been identified as a key piece of long-term retention success.

    Meanwhile, as opportunities for young professionals are advancing at a rapid rate, the majority of respondents do not have a formal succession plan for their emerging leaders. The 2017 Workplace (R)evolution Steering Committee is committed to connect employers with resources that will advance the build of ideal workplace cultures-from recruitment to retirement.

    Attend Workplace (R)evolution and be ready to discuss:

    — The relevancy of having professional purpose.

    — The realities of our changing demographics. Who is currently in the workplace, who will be joining us and what value do they place on purpose?

    — How can a company prioritize purpose in their strategic plan?

    — Best practices of companies that lead with culture and purpose. What they’ve learned and how to eliminate filling seats with the “good enough.”

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