Former school board president will serve no prison time for perjury, election fraud

Vinton-Shellsburg man will be on supervised probation for two years

Patrick Lyons
Patrick Lyons

VINTON - A former Vinton-Shellsburg School Board president received a suspended sentence and probation Thursday in Benton County District Court for perjury and election fraud charges.

Patrick Lyons, 50, was originally charged in April with three counts of perjury of statement and three counts of election fraud, but he pleaded guilty last month to one count of perjury of statement and one count of election fraud. The five year sentence was suspended and he was ordered to pay a $750 fine plus court costs on each count and he will be on supervised probation for two years.

Lyons, who wasn't eligible to vote or run for public office because of a previous felony conviction, voted and ran for election as a school board candidate, according to court records. He was charged in April following a report of voter fraud activity. He voted in a city election in 2004 and school elections in 2004 and 2005.

Benton County authorities discovered Lyons was convicted of first-degree theft in Polk County in 1996 and sentenced to probation and ordered to pay $181,809 in restitution plus interest to a former employer, according to court records. He got his voting rights back in 2006 but Lyons committed the perjury and election fraud prior to getting his rights restored.Lyons submitted his school board resignation after his arrest.