The Sports Desk -- Your preseason magazine

We've reached the "horse latitudes," but wait . . . The preseason college football magazines are about to come out, maybe another week or two.

That's where On Iowa is today on The Sports Desk, sponsored by Jim Miller Subaru. Here's the link.

A few weeks ago, Marc Morehouse threw a couple questions out on Twitter while doing his preview for Lindy's Magazine. Who is Iowa's "top newcomer" and "emerging star"?

The answers varied and it made for great discussion. Scott Doctherman and Marc Morehouse do that here with football AND basketball. Yes, basketball has newcomers and emerging stars, too.

My (Marc) answers were influenced by the Twitter response. Some strong arguments were made.

We're kind of in that mode for the next couple months. Probably won't be an On Iowa Sports Desk next week unless we think of a way to do it from Chicago, site of the Big Ten annual meetings with ADs and football and basketball coaches. There will, however, be a podcast from Chicago.Thanks for tuning in.