Retired Linn County Attorney returns as a volunteer

Retired Linn County Attorney Harold Denton
Retired Linn County Attorney Harold Denton

CEDAR RAPIDS – The Linn County Attorney’s Office had a feeling of deja vu Thursday but not quite, because the new guy walking the halls really has been there before.

Retired Linn County Attorney Harold Denton is back. He’s no longer the county attorney but he will be serving as a volunteer special assistant this time around.

Denton was sworn in, renewing his oath of office Thursday by 6th Judicial District Senior Judge Thomas Horan.

Linn County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden was officially elected in November following Denton’s retirement after 35 years of service in July.

Vander Sanden said Denton talked about volunteering before retiring.

“Harold is civic minded and gives freely of his time for matters of a good cause,” Vander Sanden said. “I’m lucky to have his advice and counsel.”

Vander Sanden said Denton will volunteer his time whenever they need him.

Denton said he’s looking forward to being back but will likely help out only one of two days a week.

“There was also a need on felony days when the assistants are doing pre-trial conferences and get backed up, so I can help out on those days,” Denton said.

Denton said he won’t handle any trials, mostly filling in on hearings and helping out when Vander Sanden and assistants attend conferences.“We always worked well together and he will be a great mentor for the younger lawyers,” Vander Sanden said.