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Hey Indians, in 1988 a team lost 21 in a row

Anybody can come back for more when they've won 21 straight baseball games, a fantastic feat the Cleveland Indians claimed Wednesday with their 5-3 victory over the Detroit Tigers.

But to persevere when you've lost 21 in a row, now that's someth ... »

Hlas: Big Ten football schedule change is tribute to Iowa

IOWA CITY - A Tuesday announcement from the Big Ten looks like a salute to Iowa's football program and a sock in the jaw to Nebraska's.

You can spin the conference's Tuesday bolt-out-of-the-blue news release differently. But Herbie Husker and Li ... »

Fun Facts: North Texas-Iowa

An afterthought? North Texas-Iowa? Pshaw!

Iowa is a 22-point favorite over the Mean Green. In Week 1, Howard was a 45-point underdog at UNLV and won.

What, you say Iowa isn't Las Vegas? Having been to both, my reply is this:

Tell ... »

Big Ten football rankings: Playful Gophers, planted Buckeyes

These are Big Ten rankings, but not power rankings. These are made on whims, my whims. Your whim-age may vary.


1. ... »
Hlas: Hangover Week for Hawkeyes, Cyclones

We are all connected, which is why we should be nicer to each other.

Penn State's football team defeated Pittsburgh Saturday in State College Saturday, 33-14. Last year, Pitt beat the Nittany Lions in Pittsburgh, 42-39.

After this year's ... »

On Iowa Gameday: Iowa-Iowa State preview, Week 2 college football picks

It's Cy-Hawk day in Ames and The Gazette's Marc Morehouse, Mike Hlas and Jeremiah Davis are revealing their picks on On Iowa Gameday.

Plus, we preview Nebraska-Oregon, Duke-Northwestern, Notre Dame-Georgia and Oklahoma-Ohio State.

... »
Hlas: Cy-Hawk series forever!

AMES - Oh, nooooo, there's no value for Iowa in continuing to schedule Iowa State in football. Surrrre, there isn't.

"I will never say forever," Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta replied Thursday when asked if the Cy-Hawk Trophy game will go on ... »

How America is picking Iowa-Iowa State

When you can't see the forest for the trees, go to the beach.

That said, here are how some great Americans are forecasting Saturday's Iowa-Iowa State football game:

... »

Hlas: You call Hawkeyes-Cyclones a rivalry?

Iowa-Iowa State. Rivalry game? Uh, really?

Why, because there's a trophy? Iowa plays for a trophy every other game, it seems. I hear next Saturday's North Texas-Iowa game is for the Whozit/Whatzit Trophy, sponsored by ... »

On Iowa Podcast: Iowa vs. Iowa State preview

The On Iowa Podcast with Marc Morehouse and Mike Hlas breaks down the 2017 Cy-Hawk game, including impact players and key stats to watch on both sides. Which team needs this game more? How much more will Iowa's offense show after Brian Ferentz's offensi ... »

Hlas: P.J. Fleck is Minnesota's new reality show
CHICAGO - In 1938, Harold Stassen was elected governor of Minnesota when he was 31. He went on to run for president nine times, never to win the Repub ... »
Former Iowa/ISU football coach Bob Elliott dies
Bob Elliott, former University of Iowa football player who was an assistant football coach at Iowa and Iowa State, died of cancer Saturday night while ... »
20 years ago: The night Norm Macdonald mortified the U. of Iowa
Many were disgusted. Some were delighted. University of Iowa athletic department people were mortified. But time heals some wounds, so let us observe ... »
Hlas: From bottom of pile to king of mound at Wartburg
A college baseball team's cruel twist of fate turned into something unforgettably uplifting. On May 6, Wartburg defeated Dubuque 5-0 in the first gam ... »