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The rule that Ferentz seems pretty unhappy with

Welcome to the Good Timey Radio Hour. This will be a stream-of-consciousness run from the Hawk Talk with Kirk Ferentz show, hosted by Iowa play-by-play voice Gary Dolphin. This year, the show is broadcast from Applebee’s in Iowa City. Forever it had been and I think Dolph said will be again broadcast from Carlos O’Kelly’s, which is undergoing an extensive makeover/rebuild/construction.

This is where “Bob’s Burgers” has that running joke with the business next door changing hands.

— Craig from Sioux City gets right to business, asking Dolph about the health of RB Akrum Wadley and C James Daniels.

We reported here last week that Wadley played with a knee injury. He sat outside the complex on Tuesday with his right knee wrapped in ice. The key here is he played with this injury last week and scored two TDs. He’s OK, he’s playing.

Daniels has a knee injury and has been ruled out this week. Sophomore Lucas LeGrand will get his second start. Daniels will have a good shot next week.

Craig, you’re such a troublemaker. (Good question, man.)

— Jim the trucker dude. I didn’t get where he called in from. He sounds like a happy dude.

“Send ‘em back to North Dakota.”

— Anthony from Des Moines called probably not from a truck. He asked why the backups didn’t play last week.



— Dolph said NDSU has won five straight over FBS Power 5 schools. Those aren’t the same thing. NDSU has won five straight over FBS schools. Colorado State is part of that streak. It is not a Power 5 school (Mountain West Conference). Kansas is also part of that streak. It’s Power 5 status is debatable.

Dolph said NDSU coach Chris Klieman is a grad of Waterloo West. He went to Columbus. I think we graduated the same year. Klieman’s Columbus teams were powerhouses. We weren’t as successful.

— Dolph and KF talk about what the Iowa Football Club is doing to help fund the Brett Greenwood Athletic Scholarship. UI Athletics Development also is working to fully fund.

• The Iowa Football Club (Hawkeye football letterwinners) has generously agreed to match funds raised, up to $25,000.

• Once the scholarship fund reaches $50,000, the UI will award this scholarship annually to a deserving student-athlete who best exhibits Brett’s determination and strong will.

Here is a video featuring Hawkeye letterwinners Pat Angerer, Dallas Clark, Sean Considine, Mark Weisman and strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle.

I very much believe in this. I had an auction on the blog a few years ago and raised $3,000 through your kind donations. I wish I had some more Hawkeye stuff around the office. I think I’ve moved two or three times and the bucket is now empty.

You guys are the best. I know you’ll donate.

— Jim from Nebulon 7 calls in. He’s talking about NDSU and its chop blocking.


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Chop blocking is illegal. I wonder if Jim meant “cut blocking,” which is legal along the line of scrimmage (the rules here are Byzantine, don’t try to tackle them).

KF goes off on the chop/cut block rules. Believes they’re tough to officiate. NDSU has been hit with a few penalties in this regard. The rules have been altered, so Iowa has altered some of what it does. Hmm. I didn’t know that. Good question, Nebulon Jim.

“I don’t think officials have time to look at their watches out there,” KF said. He meant the officials are being asked to do too much. Now I’m intrigued and I’ll Google around and find you a link.

EDIT: OK, I had about a half hour this summer with Big Ten director of officials Bill Carollo. I know this is a 28-minute podcast, but I know I asked him about the rule in this. Noodle around in here and you’ll hear what the rule is that has KF kind of PO’d.

NEW EDIT: My friend Jen Kurka sent me the rule change from the NCAA. She’s a dynamite lady!!!

Here’s the exact rule change (it’s murky):

9. Blocking Below the Waist (Rule 9-1-6) FR-89

Changes to paragraph a: (New language is in bold italics)

“a. Team A prior to a change of team possession: 1. The following Team A players may legally block below the waist inside the tackle box until they leave the tackle box or until the ball has left the tackle box: (a) players on the line of scrimmage completely inside the tackle box and (b) stationary backs who are at least partially inside the tackle box and at least partially inside the frame of the body of the second lineman from the snapper.

2. Except as in paragraph 3 (below), players not covered in paragraph 1 (above) while the ball is still in the tackle box, and all players after the ball has left the tackle box, are allowed to block below the waist only if the force of the initial contact is directed from the front. “From the front” is understood to mean within the clock-face region between “10 o’clock and 2 o’clock” forward of the player being blocked.

3. Players not covered in paragraph 1 (above) may not block below the waist toward the line through the original position of the ball at the snap until the ball carrier is clearly beyond the neutral zone.


4. Once the ball has left the tackle box a player may not block below the waist toward his own end line.”

Comments: Simplifies and clarifies the rule. Note that the “low-blocking zone” is no longer defined, and everything is in reference to the tackle box. Also clarifies the rule regarding the crackback block.

So, are you thoroughly confused?

— KF on WR Jay Scheel: He’s pretty much full speed.

On DE Parker Hesse: Hopefully he can play half the snaps and get back in the rotation.

On C James Daniels: KF said Daniels had a good morning and added, “He’ll be ready to go.”


— Mike from Vega 9. I’ve already spaced out. Still spacing out. Still. Still. I’m on Vega 9!!!!!!

Aaron Mends question. The weightroom thing has piqued everyone’s curiosity.

“Aaron’s a great young guy,” KF said. And then the same thing he said, comparing Mends to former Iowa LB Anthony Hitchens. KF said Mends had a better week, one of two young players who really took a step forward last week.

I’m really spaced out now. Stuff about Matt Millen.


Tommy tells KF keep doing what you’re doing. KF says, ‘Hey, happy New Year. Haven’t heard from you in a while.”

[Tony Soprano GIF]

— Brent from Edwardsville, Ill. He’s basically talking about A.J. Epenesa and whether or not he throws for the track team.

All scholarship athletes who play football and track count on football’s scholarship 85.

“Anyone who does dual sports, you have to budget your time,” KF said. “It’s doable, but the guy has to be really disciplined. It’s realistic with certain sports.”


Baseball and basketball are challenging, KF said. Fullback Jeremy Allen was a Big Ten title-winning thrower early in the KF days. Epenesa has thrown the discuss more than 200 feet. That’s elite. Mount Vernon OL Tristan Wirfs also will participate in track while on a football scholarship at Iowa.

There really hasn’t been a ton of crossover. I’m not sure KF totally digs it, but Epenesa and Wirfs are too good to put a lid on their talents in the ring, IMO.

— KF talks up DT Nathan Bazata vs. ISU. He was awesome, three QBHs and two pass breakups.

— KF is still not cool with the rush defense vs. Miami (it was 158 yards).

On Jewell’s return, “He helps everyone’s tempo a little bit.”

— KF on NDSU: It’s a big change from first two opponents. Iowa will have to adjust its style.

— KF on Jaleel Johnson: He didn’t like school when he got here, but he’s done a great job in all phases. He’ll be graduating in December. Very coachable, works hard, one of the leaders.

— KF on DE Sam Brincks (a walk-on): An injury in high school slowed his recruiting. KF said he was another one of the good stories last week. Still a young guy, got a really good future.

— Mary from Florida. She is FLO-RIDA. She’s in her 90s. She’s an Iowan who now lives in Florida.

Asking KF about superstitions. I like this one.

Going 1-10 his first year, KF decided to get away from supertitions.

Sounds like a sweet lady. I hope she doesn’t run into Florida Man. He’s trouble.

— Mitch from Pluto (not a planet).

Is CJB the smartest QB KF has ever coached? Do you see Josey in the NFL?

Good questions, Mitch from Pluto not a planet.

KF said there was an NFL GM and an NFL assistant GM. KF told them they have to do their evaluating. On CJB, “Most of our QBs have been pretty smart guys. ... CJB has great feel out there.” KF won’t say “instinct,” because it makes people think he was born with something. CJB works hard, KF said, at doing what he does.


On Josey, “Still a ways to go for the NFL stuff, but does have the attributes. Defense starts with desire to get to the football and then do some damage when you get there. He came in with that. We didn’t teach him that.”

— Adam in Bloomfield Planet. You get one minute!!!!

Wants to get Desmond King some interceptions.


“He’s just playing good football, that’s all we ask him to do.”

Well, he’s only had six passes thrown his way this year. It’s probably going to go that way for the entire season.

That’s a wrap.

Get ready for the Busch Light Bowl with NDSU fans on Saturday.

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We value your trust and work hard to provide fair, accurate coverage. If you have found an error or omission in our reporting, tell us here.

Or if you have a story idea we should look into? Tell us here.