On Iowa by Marc Morehouse

The Walk Through

IOWA CITY — Let’s do some “frequently asked questions.”

Wait, before we do that, real-time update. QBs are ... »

3 and Out

1. From the picture taker to the picture takener (not a word, I know) — You all saw the picture of a youn ... »

Hawkeye Polkabration

IOWA CITY — Surely someone, somewhere knows why and when the Hawkeye Marching Band started playing the “Victory Polka” after foot ... »

2-Minute Drill: Illinois Fighting Illini


Overall, there’s no question Illinois&#x ... »

Good Timey Radio Hour


It's radio time. This is a stream of consciousness. No editing or thinking really.

Dolph just said RB LeShun Daniels is still ... »

Iowa OL works its way toward ‘nasty bulldozer’

IOWA CITY — Iowa's struggles against Wisconsin last weekend don't lie at the feet of the offensive line. A lot went wrong and when a lot didn ... »

New Kirk, This Brian


IOWA CITY — The “New Kirk” thing is like a thing now.

Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz is asked almost weekly now a ... »

No bend, no break in Beathard

IOWA CITY — The human reaction for what had to have been the 15th or so hit quarterback C.J. Beathard took in last week’s game ... »

Podcast: 'On Iowa' breaks down Iowa-Wisconsin

The "On Iowa" podcast with Marc Morehouse and Scott Dochterman breaks down Iowa's 10-6 win against Wisconsin at Camp Randall. Marc and Scott ... »

Stat Pak: Beautiful ugly


1. The little things — The play before the play was just as big ... »

What happens when two of the B1G's best defenders meet?

MADISON, Wis. — There probably was no other way it could go down. The Iowa-Wisconsin game saw four scoring drives, three of which were field ... »

Depth Chart Monday

Monday’s depth chart confirmed what Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz confirmed in Madison on Saturday.

True freshman wide receiver ... »

Hawkeyes hit their mark with 5-0 start

Whether Iowa does everything or just enough right, when the Hawkeyes win the game, they sing the school fight song at a super turbo tempo in the po ... »

Hawkeyes chaotic rush package leaves a mark

MADISON, Wis. — It might not look like it, but, yes, of course, when the Hawkeyes show their third down pass rush package (something they've ... »

The Walk Through

I don’t expect WR Tevaun Smith to play today. I’m not sure the extent of his injury, likely a knee. He didn’t practice ... »