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Smokey Links: Bo Pelini and John Daly

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Illinois State football coach Brock Spack ... »

Illinois State Redbirds are very good, period

IOWA CITY — A story is posted on Illinois State’s athletics website informing people how to order tickets for the Jan. 9 FCS c ... »

Hlas Podcast: Illinois State radio announcer Dick Luedke

Hey, what's this? Yes, the Mike Hlas Podcast is back from summer vacation just in time for football season. Funny how that worked out.

Sinc ... »

The pick here: A 5-way tie in Big Ten West!


If you think what happens in shopping malls on the days immediately following Thanksgiving is chaos, wait till you see what's in store fo ... »

Coe’s Fred Jackson cut by Buffalo Bills

Fred Jackson, who went from being an undrafted running back out of Coe College to a stalwart for the Buffalo Bills, was waived by the Bills ... »

Hlas: Hawkeyes’ season will be interesting, for sure

While the Big Ten returned to the national college football spotlight with gusto in 2015, Iowa's program stalled.

The way last season ended ... »

Ranking Iowa’s football games 1 through 12


Last year, I had a countdown.

I ranked the games on Iowa's football schedule by how much I was looking forward to them, 12 throug ... »

Darryl Dawkins was “Coach Thunder” in Cedar Rapids

Darryl Dawkins died Thursday, at 58.

Dawkins nickname was “Chocolate Thunder,” and he said he came from Planet Lovetron. ... »

Brandon Wegher, James Morris: Potential great stories


It's back to work for Young Mike, who will dip his toe back into these waters by looking at a few former Iowa football players who are tr ... »

Hlas: Zach Johnson had more fun in Scotland than Wisconsin

HAVEN, Wis. — That’s life (that’s life), that’s what all the people say ... »

Hlas: No electricity from Rory-Jordan-Zach star power

HAVEN, Wis. — Jordan Spieth chipped in from 37 feet for birdie at the 12th hole Thursday at Whistling Straits, and the crowd roared. ... »

Hlas: I got roped in by Wallenda (with video)

WEST ALLIS, Wis. — Who’s nuttier, the guy who walks on a tightrope 10 stories above the ground, or someone who pays 10 bucks t ... »

Zach Johnson doesn’t whistle love song for Whistling Straits

HAVEN, Wis. — This isn’t a love story.

Zach Johnson played great golf at the 2010 PGA Championship here at Whistling Str ... »

Reinbeck’s Austin Peters seeks full week at PGA

HAVEN, Wis. — From Iowa’s Cedar Valley comes a professional golfer who said he’s “expecting to do some damage&#x ... »

Hlas: Zach Johnson embraces Rory, Jordan, fans

HAVEN, Wis. — You’re playing in this week’s PGA Championship and you’re pretty serious about winning. Would you:

... »