Letter: Stand up for our public schools

Those who support “school choice” often maintain that parents should be able to take their tax money to the school that best fits the educational needs of their particular student. On paper, that is an idea that supposedly has the best interests of students in mind. Unfortunately, what these supporters of choice won’t say is that the taking of this tax money away from public schools will help to create a two-tiered school system at taxpayer expense.

I do not want to see tax money diverted from public schools that work to educate all students for the public good. Our public schools work to educate everyone and cannot select who comes in the door. Those who wish to use public tax money to fund private school educations for individual students are thinking selfishly. This type of thinking would work to segregate our society even more. All of our students deserve a quality education and deserve public schools that are adequately funded. It is shameful that the Republican Legislature and governor have promoted the idea of school vouchers and are working to decimate public education in this state in support of a system of educational savings accounts or vouchers that would have little accountability or oversight. I hope that we stand up for our public schools and tell legislators that we do not support these selfish policies.

Chris Rolwes

Cedar Rapids


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