Letters to the Editor

Stop tolerating senseless deaths

We are angry that those who serve as our representatives have forgotten that love of country begins with loving our citizens.

We are angry when we hear about the latest school shooting. Florida student David Hogg said, “ ... this is something that people cannot get used to.” But that’s exactly what has already happened. Most of the 18 school shootings this year didn’t make national news because our collective conscience is not shocked.

We are angry when we hear of shootings in places of worship; when places which should be safe havens become slaughterhouses.

We are angry when being at work, walking in the mall, driving down the highway, or attending a concert becomes deadly.

We are angry that schoolteachers and principals are charged with drilling our children on what to do when the shooter appears in their hallway, because it is not “if,” it is just “when.”

We are angry that the gun lobby continues this carnage-for-profit on the flimsy excuse of the Second Amendment. Did the men who wrote it envision the AR-15 in 2018?

We are angry that members of Congress do not seem concerned even when other members of Congress are shot or shot at.


We invite all the members of Congress and our president to look at their own hands and know with certainty that they are stained with the blood of every innocent life you traded for money. What is the number of senseless deaths that you will no longer tolerate?

Mona Burns

Kathryn Williams



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