Sanctuary cities are bad for America

Sanctuary cities are trying to sell us on their great human compassion for others. Sorry, I’m not buying it. In claiming sanctuary status they ignore our laws, misappropriate tax dollars and jeopardize the safety of the general public. Immigrants living here illegally have received taxpayer assistance of all kinds — food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care and legal fees. Maybe even driver’s licenses and voting privileges. This is not putting “America first.” All U.S. citizens deserve, and should demand, no less than “America first.”

President Barack Obama ordered an open borders policy and millions streamed into our country illegally with terrorists, murderers, gang members, drugs, and other undesirable things with them. Some brought guns with them, thanks to Obama’s “Fast and Furious” scheme. Some have been arrested, convicted, and deported numerous times only to be released by sanctuary cities once again. Those types were never meant to be here to begin with.

Immigrants living here illegally, diversity lottery winners, anchor babies, chain migrants, “dreamers” and expired visa holders are all here against long-established national laws. I say “welcome” to all who go through the process of accomplishing legal citizenship and visitor status. To all others — “Adios!” when deported but welcome them back when they immigrate legally and want to become American citizens and assimilate into our proud national fabric.

While I’m at it. Since 9/11, Congress said they would build a wall. We’ve been waiting for more than 15 years. Did you need a leader to help you get it done? You have one now. Build that wall!

Pete Larson

Cedar Rapids



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