Political parties need to scrutinize candidates

I wonder how much lower the morals of those in the executive branch of our government can go.

When the Clintons moved out of the White House I thought that the records for the lowest morals had been set by President Clinton, but apparently not. Now that the Trumps have been there a year we have to tolerate a new low in trash talk by the president and several of his people directed at each other or to anyone who wants to listen. Every organization, whether it is a nation or a ladies sewing club, needs a leader who can be looked up to and respected.

I’m afraid that President Donald Trump has failed us badly on any subject, especially honesty and morals. How can we encourage our children and grandchildren to respect the office of president when the president is a proven liar? We are allowing this to continue as a new standard of language and respect. I see our country going down the gutter if we follow the Trump and Clinton example.

I was not a supporter of either candidate for president in our last election. I felt that somewhere in a nation of over 300 million people there had to be at least two other people who were much better qualified, but where are they? The nominating committees of our political parties need to scrutinize those who want to be candidates on more than just the size of their pocketbooks.

Frank Zieser

Cedar Rapids


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