Letters: Innocent people harmed by violence

Here we are, mourning the loss of more innocent people. Five police officers killed and nine others injured — a protest against police shootings of two black men in Minnesota and Louisiana. Then, earlier we had the slaughter of innocents in Orlando. Plus two or three more after that.

Not to mention the ongoing slaughter that seems to happen daily in Chicago. The common denominator seems to be violent, likely delusional people without any conscience shooting innocent people at will. Will it take more trained police officers?

Why in the world should god-awful assault weapons be available at any gun store, gun sales, pawnshops, ad infinitum, anyway? Then those guns that are not in gun safes so children can get their hands on them and accidentally shoot someone.

Yet we hear the same old refrain, falling back on the Second Amendment that was written in 1791, back in the time of muskets and muzzle loaders.

How would our Founding Fathers address this carnage? One difference is that there was no NRA then and perhaps Congress worked better. I’d like to think that those Founding Fathers would take on the gun lobby and completely rewrite the Second Amendment to deal with today’s world.

How sad that once again our president had to speak to the nation with tears in his eyes, as he again does his best to comfort the sorrowing survivors who are dealing with this particular hell.

Bobbie Paxton

Iowa City


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