Letter: Winter tires help drivers maintain control

There have been too many accidents recently, especially one-car accidents. Why are so many people losing control of their cars when it gets cold? Here is one reason.

According to tire experts, all-season tire “rubber compounds harden when the temperature drops below 45 degrees and they start losing traction.” Don’t believe tires are “all season.” Something gets compromised and it is traction in the winter. Winter tires stay pliable in cold temperatures and keep their traction. New rubber compound technology has “bite particles” that give extra grip comparable to studded tires. Silica-based micro pores add grip to the tires. They can adhere to the ice rather than slide on the thin layer of water between the tire and the ice. High-tech winter tires aren’t anything like traditional snow tires.

It is hard to tell the difference between an all-season tire and a winter tire by looking at it. There are many demonstrations on the internet comparing all season tires to winter tires.

Winter tires can move forward, stop and corner safer than all season tires. In other words, they can help you from spinning, sliding into intersections, and stay on the road on a corner instead of sliding into a ditch. Any unusual movements with all season tires on a slick road when it is cold and the most experienced and skillful drivers can lose control. Winter tires can help everyone keep control of their vehicle.

Harold Hensel

Cedar Rapids


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