Letter: Will wall work as advertised?

Cars, medicines and electronics are tested to see if they work as advertised. Does the “wall” work as advertised? Let’s test it.

Propose that contests be set up to see who can cross the fastest. Set up teams of 25 with mixed sexes and ages. Measure how fast each team can cross. The test wall should be 20 feet high, with a typical landing area such as cactus, shrubs and stones.

My team would use light weight equipment — grapnel, 100 feet of climbing rope, 40 feet of rope ladder. The first person would throw the grapnel attached to the rope for 40-60 feet then pull on the rope until the grapnel held. Next someone would walk up the wall using a rope on wall climbing technique. At the top he would pull up the ladder until 20 feet were on each side of the wall. The team, using the ladder, would cross the wall. My guess — it could be done easily in 12 minutes or less.

The team could scatter before anyone could come. I’m certain other, just as ingenious and faster methods, will be found. Which state will set up the first contest? Who will be the winning team? Will the results indicate that the wall does not act as advertised? Will we have a $67 billion Trump folly? Could the money be better spent on medical services, better roads, or even larger taxes breaks for the rich? You decide.

Richard Zehrbach



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