Letter: Who is next, Rep. Steve King?

In light of the fact that Republicans have written off Rep. Steve King as a fringe player in legitimate policy debates, I have to ask: Does King’s dystopian view of reality reflect the sentiments of Iowa’s 4th Congressional District?

His earlier denigrating remarks on the exclusively unique contribution to the world of a northern European, Christian inspired civilization to the detriment of any other subcultural group pale into insignificance compared to his recent rant against immigrants’ and refugees’ babies.

The spokeswoman for GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan asserted Monday: “The speaker clearly disagrees and believes America’s long history of inclusiveness is one of its great strengths.” In the past the vocally “pro-life” King seems to have had, on the contrary, a pointed aversion toward, if not disdain for, protections for young adults brought over the border as children and who have been successful in America, a group many Republicans support. Now he seems to be upping the ante by focusing on babies. Who’s next, Rep. King?

William Mulcahey

Cedar Rapids


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