Letter: We can't remove all risk from our lives

The topic considered is tools vilified by association with Hollywood productions. These are turned into symbols of feared groups who are hyped as criminals. Politicians engage in unfounded statements about people and the tools they are accused of using for criminal acts. Then they enact laws that solve nothing. Switchblades and ballistic knives belong to the terrors of a bygone age. The restrictions enacted by frightened lawmakers should be repealed. The reality of cutlery is that it is essential to gracious living. Sportsmen use knives in many legal endeavors. The size of a knife makes it useful. An 8-inch blade works wonders on watermelon. To scream about the danger is foolish. If anyone fights with knives, arrest him. Any tool can be misused.

Firearms also have legal uses. They are hyped as criminal in themselves. Nonsense. This involves making a symbol out of an artifact again. It addresses the fears of our time. Certain firearms are readily used in murders. High caliber, automatic rifles based on military arms are among them. In all fairness, most people who have them don’t kill with them. Likewise with handguns. Murder is actually rare. When murder does happen, it becomes a story replayed endlessly. The problem is prediction. That needs to be solved. I also think certain people go out of their way to earn the death penalty for mass murder. All risk cannot be removed from life. That is reality.

Jan Tomkins

Cedar Rapids


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