Letter: Vote for Democrats for a positive change

I encourage everyone to make more a difference this election. With all the shouting back and forth in this election, we must not forget it is time to make a difference before and after this election.

I have been an active Democrat in Cedar Rapids since my days in high school at Wash going back to 1988. I got involved and have enjoyed making a positive difference in bringing people together. If I can do this, so can all of you out there that think it’s all one sided.

The Democrats work for giving a positive way of living and teaching how to be more tolerant and more accepting. I have seen the Republican Party go more to the right and I see that as a dangerous path.

Voting and getting involved with the Democrats can make for a more unified nation and more compassionate one, too. People like Monica Vernon and other Democrats can work to build our communities. We need to bring our communities and start working to make a difference. It can work and if we do this, we can have the heart of our communities as a whole and win the respect that is the biggest reward we can do for ourselves. When you vote, vote for positivity and abolish the hate that is tearing up the core of our nation.

Matt Spellman

Cedar Rapids


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