Letter: Trump discovering he is not a dictator

President Donald Trump has found his wall and he didn’t build it. This wall was built by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and other “Founding Fathers” 230 years ago and it is called The Constitution of the United States of America. Recent events provide the answer to a question posed by Khizr Khan at the 2016 Democratic Convention, “Mr. Trump, have you even read the Constitution?”.

In May of 1787, convention delegates met for the first time to revise the Articles of the Confederation but soon decided it best to write an entirely new document. The wisdom of these men who had read and studied the history and philosophy of all previous forms of governments resulted in what we now have, the longest lasting Constitution still in effect.

The reason for the durability of this document and our Republic is due to the genius of the “Separation of Powers,” written to prevent a despot from forming an autocracy. President Trump is discovering that he is not a dictator; rather, that courts, Congress and executive agencies can stop his edicts and protect the constitutional rights of Americans and defend the Republic.

Another wall is being assembled by citizens who are becoming very aware of the threats to health care, voting rights, public education, women’s rights, equal justice and the environment being proposed by his administration.

Larry Hodgden



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