Letter: Traffic cameras about money, not safety

The City of Cedar Rapids sent out 221,000 collection notices for traffic camera tickets (“C.R. goes after 221,000 speed camera fines,” Dec. 20).

If installing the cameras was about safety, why is the city fighting so hard for the money? Let’s be honest, it was always about the money. The cameras collected millions of dollars and made a very slight decrease in accidents on the interstate. Can the city just admit they are gouging citizens?

It’s kind of obvious when nothing has come out about their concern for the public’s safety while the cameras have been shut off. By the way, has there been a huge spike in accidents? And now Cedar Rapids is trying one more time to fulfill their ravenous need to collect funds they feel is unsettled.

According to the article, “We feel what still is owed is due to the city and should be paid,” said Casey Drew, the finance director. “It’s fair to the people who’ve already paid their tickets for everyone else to pay.” What would be fair is to return the money already collected and admit it was always about greed, not safety.

Darrin Williams

Cedar Rapids


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