Letter: Time to return to self reliance

Would it be wrong to begin to vote for a return to a system of free enterprise and self reliance? We have seen that relying on the government to take care of everything results in less of everything good and greater numbers of the needy. The poor will always be with us, but wouldn’t more people working and a smaller number of poor be better?

The Democratic Party enabled by Republican insiders has kept voters nibbling at fish while being promised fishing poles in order to keep them dependent and voting Democrat.

Would it be wrong to begin voting for people who will stop the slaughter of the pre-born? Keep in mind — the pre-born has its own body and its own personhood from its beginning, even though the pre-born is dependent for nine months on another person’s body for life and nurturing. That other person’s body is his or her mother.

Joseph Mallie

Cedar Rapids


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