Letter: The City of C.R. is fooling no one

So, the other day I get a letter from the Municipal Collections of America. Well, four actually, inviting me to pay the fines from some speed camera tickets issued years ago. If I did so in a timely manner, I wouldn’t have to pay an extra fee.

I’m sorry, what? You want me to pay fines for tickets issued from an illegally placed camera that the city has been told by the Department of Transportation to move/remove for years now and they have defied that order; to the point that they cannot issue citations for the past eight months? Yeah, no, not paying.

When they installed the cameras they said it was for our safety (even though there was no true decrease in crashes there and studies have shown that since citations stopped being issued, traffic flow has been smoother). They say it is not about the money. Ron “I will never be governor” Corbett said it was for the safety of the city. Sure. I’m sure this rash of collections letters has nothing to do with the fact that the city has lost a major revenue source and is desperate for cash. Totally a coincidence, right?

You can have my about $3 a year state refund too, have fun collecting what I owe for the next 120 years.

Not. Hear me now, until the city complies with the law, I’m not paying. I did respond to the letters with Monopoly money and their ripped up citations. That’s all they get from me.

Chandra Jordan



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