Letter: Suit over 'bathroom bill' is misguided

President Barack Obama recently directed his Department of (Social) Justice to sue North Carolina over its “bathroom bill.” That bill restricts bathroom, locker and shower access according to your biological sex. The president says he’s protecting transgender civil rights even though that term is not found among federal civil rights protections, nor did lawmakers intend it to be included under the word “sex.”

In pursuit of his goal, the president has instructed all public schools to comply or risk losing millions in federal funds. These so-called transgender rights would allow anyone who self identifies as the opposite sex to use any public school restroom, locker or shower they want. Is he mad? Bathrooms, lockers and showers? This last access point is widely ignored by most media, including The Gazette in an opinion column “Decrying the wrong overreach” on May 19.

If you think a male student has a civil right to change/shower with female students in schools, you shouldn’t be trusted with political power or sharp knives. Sadly, in 2007 Iowa’s Democratic Gov. Chet Culver and Democratic legislature demonstrated why political power without a moral base can be dangerous. That’s when they added gender identity to Iowa’s Civil Rights Act. At that time who could imagine it leading to forcing females to accept coed lockers and showers under the banner of tolerance and equality? Now you can imagine.

Aaron Rivera



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