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Letter: Second Amendment needs to evolve

Time for a history lesson.

The U.S. Constitution was written when the single-shot musket was your standard firearm. A skilled operator could get two or three shots off a minute. Two or three shots a minute. For comparison, the gun used in the Orlando nightclub shooting averages five rounds a second.

I think we can agree that the Constitution has evolved over the years. For starters, it’s illegal for people to own other people as personal property and women can vote. The Second Amendment speaks of a “well-regulated militia.” We’ve no need for a militia, for we have a standing army. But when it comes to a discussion on “well-regulated,” that’s when people start to lose it.

There is no common sense allowed when it comes to gun laws, only “thoughts and prayers” the next time there’s a massacre. That, and gutless inaction by our elected officials. The votes of Iowa’s senators on June 20 were far from a “profile in courage.” As one of them has received over $3 million over the years from the NRA, they were simply doing their master’s bidding.

How they can show their faces in public is a mystery. Maybe it’s all those “thoughts and prayers.” And checks from the NRA.

Wayne Yanda



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