Letter: Roundabouts do not make roads safer

Richard Hrvol

At a 4-way stop, everyone has their turn to use the intersection. Pedestrians and children can cross in safety. With a roundabout, you must yield to all traffic coming from your left; you don’t have a specific time to use the intersection.

Because traffic is not required to stop, pedestrians and children are not able to cross safely at any time. Stoplights create a break in the traffic flow so that other cars at intersections further down the street have a chance to get on, off or across the thoroughfare. Pedestrians and children have an opportunity to cross safely.

With roundabouts, the traffic keeps coming and coming, strung out like a column of ducks with no break in the flow, preventing the break that is needed for cross-traffic and pedestrians.

Stoplights and signs have worked well for years. There is no need to spend taxpayers’ money to replace them, making things worse.

Richard Hrvol

Cedar Rapids

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