Letter: Riding with traffic safer for bicyclists

A recent letter proposes going against one of the basic skills of cycling safety, riding against the flow of traffic (“Allow bicyclists to travel on left,” Aug. 16). Every safe cycling class or program that I have heard of always stresses the importance of riding with the flow of traffic.

The idea of riding with traffic is crucial when one considers that the majority of all traffic accidents occurs at intersections. Most drivers, when entering an intersection are not focused on the area near the curb on their right side. They are focused on the center of the lane to their left, if making a right hand turn. A bike rider traveling at an average speed of 12 -18 mph in the opposite direction of traffic will not be seen by the driver.

While the idea of seeing surrounding motorists may be important, it is more important for a motorist to see the bicyclist. That is why riding with traffic, near the center of the traffic lane is best for the visibility of driver and cyclist.

Greg Januska

Cedar Rapids


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