Letter: Republican platform harmful to climate

Does it seem like the national news, other than the presidential election contest, has been dominated by thousand year disasters? How many hundred- and thousand-year events does it take before it becomes the new normal?

Despite what is happening before our eyes and what is occurring worldwide with melting glaciers, rising sea levels, rapidly rising record global temperatures, spreading droughts and severe storms, the Republican party of Donald Trump is calling for burning more coal, drilling for more oil, building more pipelines. In effect, burning more fossil fuels at a time when 99 percent of all scientists have concluded that activity has resulted in a high level of CO2 in the atmosphere and is causing dramatic and potentially devastating climate change.

What the Republicans are calling for is a shortsighted and selfish political and personal enrichment policy which puts the future of our nation and our children at risk. Republicans don’t believe in science because, as they like to say, they are not scientists. But, as they like to claim, they believe in God though they are not all ministers. So, why would they want to continue destroying the world their God created, all for personal gain?

Larry Hodgden



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