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Letter: Reciprocity makes no sense

Predictably, when someone raises a question about gun issues, Dean Varner leaps to the unqualified defense of the Second Amendment, taking the word “infringement” to almost religious heights (“Licensing and permits constitute infringement,” Sept. 20).

The latest letter to arouse his ire dealt with state reciprocity, the agreement that basically allows anyone who enters Iowa from another state to carry firearms if they can do so in their home state. Iowa’s standards for carrying concealed weapons are a joke, but some other states are even worse.

If Varner has had extensive firearms training as a law enforcement officer and feels the need to walk around armed, I have no objection. I don’t think it’s reasonable for someone who has never fired a weapon and has only an online course as “training” to be qualified to carry lethal weapons in public. Some gun dealers agree.

All our rights have some limitation. See how far your right to free speech goes after you yell “fire” in a crowded theater, or falsely accuse a public official of adultery, or kill your disobedient child, according to the tenets of your religion. These are “infringements.”

We often hear the statement, “Freedom isn’t free.” Those who constantly fight any gun legislation, no matter how sensible, should at least acknowledge the freedom of easy access to firearms by those who shouldn’t have them is paid for by the tens of thousands of Americans killed annually by guns.

Jerry Chilton

Cedar Rapids


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